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TPA & RICA Support

Frequently Asked Questions​

Coaches and Candidates will attend a TPA and/ RICA Overview Session:  

Due to the COVID pandemic, many credentialing program candidates were awarded their preliminary credential under the Governor’s Executive Order (SB 820) or the PS-VT Waiver, without having completed TPA or RICA requirements.

EO is the Governor’s Executive Order (SB 820) which postponed the RICA and TPA completion requirements prior to beginning induction. Teachers have five years on their preliminary credential to meet these requirements, complete induction, and request their clear credential recommendation.

PS-VTW, is the Program Sponsor-Variable Term Waiver option for candidates who had additional teacher prep program requirements to complete, such as fieldwork, coursework, or exams. These candidates are working in tandem with their preliminary credentialing program and have a limited time to finish the remaining requirements under the waiver (usually 1 year).


CTI Credential Services will notify the candidate, their coach and agency representative via email if any additional statutory requirements must be completed during their preliminary credential period. 

Your candidate may have additional requirements beyond traditional induction to complete in order to request their CA professional clear recommendation.  You can support them in meeting these requirements by attending the CTI TPA or RICA support sessions with your candidate, connecting with CTI staff for feedback, and/or helping them integrate their unique needs into their TPA/RICA Focused Cycles of Inquiry.


There are currently 3 Teacher Performance Assessments (TPAs)

    • CalTPA (2 cycles)
    • edTPA (3 tasks for Single Subject /4 tasks for Multiple Subjects)
    • FAST (2 projects) (CSU, Fresno only)

The Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) is a 3-part examination required for all Multiple Subject teachers and Education Specialists. It is in addition to the Multiple Subject CSET requirements.  


Starting July 2021, the RICA has been reformatted and teachers can take it in 3 separate subtests. Teachers and preliminary teaching candidates are expected to pass all 3 subtests in order to demonstrate competency in reading instruction.

Yes, candidates will still complete 4 inquiries and 3 observations, however, the inquiries can be focused on meeting the TPA or RICA completion requirements.

Candidates may choose to focus on passing the entire assessment (TPA) or examination (RICA) for their inquiry, or they may choose to focus on one sub-part. Please discuss their specific needs and support your candidates where they are. Completion of the inquiry is not dependent on passing the assessment. The candidate will upload the evidence and reflection of their preparation for the reflective coach to certify. This will allow your candidate to move to their next cycle of inquiry.  Selecting a CSTP-aligned Focused Cycle of Inquiry should occur once the TPA/RICA requirements have been met.

Overview Sessions with CTI Staff

Weekly Support Hours with CTI Staff

Dedicated CTI Staff Support Team

Weekly CalTPA Support Sessions with CTC Staff 

CTI Navigate – Focused Cycles of Inquiry aligned to TPA and/or RICA